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BlueStacks For Mac Download for your Mac OS. It is an Android emulator that helps you to run android apps and games on Mac. From Fileion you can easily download the BlueStacks DMG file and install it on your Mac OS device.


BlueStacks for Mac is the first android emulator developed for Mac OS. It puts the Android operating system on your Mac desktop or laptop. It allows you to play android games on Mac. You can install many kinds of games like Free fire, Pubg, Free fighter, Cash of royals, etc. by using BlueStack. It enables Android applications to run on Mac PC. Experience gaming at its finest as it has the ability to run Android-based apps. It makes you enjoy all the games and other apps on your Mac computer screen. T

It is easy to download BlueStacks For Mac app on the device. You can transfer an unlimited number of games and it’s free. When you install it doesn’t take up a lot of the device’s space. BlueStack is totally safe and it doesn’t have any malware script. The software takes 2 GB of RAM and 9 GB of disk space. BlueStack also allows to contact text messages, push notifications or email, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, and WhatsApp

It also permits application communication. Some antivirus software may delict this program as malware. It is no more false detection. First, you should click on the download button. Then BlueStackes start to download. After downloading it will open. It is totally free to use. It doesn’t have malware or malicious programs. You can configure its interface. You can transfer all items of your Android system to your Mac PC.

BlueStack is safe for computers. BlueStack has many utility features to keep computer performance well. You can record gameplay and upload it on social media. It has no secondary application to hide during the installation process. It is also available for Windows Operating System


If you are an android game lover then you must try it on your Mac OS PC. It will allow you to play your favorite games on your Mac using a mouse and keyboard.

Technical Details
App Name
File Name
File Size
683 MB
Operating System
macOS 10.12+
Date Published
13, Aug 2022
Date Modified
12, Sep 2022
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